The estancia
Estancia Cameron was born on Estancia Caleta Josefina founded in 1904 by the Operating Society of Tierra del Fuego and named after one of its directors, the New Zealander, Alexander A. Cameron. It’s current area is 97,000 hectares, in which you can find forests, rivers, lakes, grasslands and grassy pastures. Currently it maintains about 40,000 sheep and 1,000 cattle. It’s buildings exhibit the typical architecture promoted by the British. The building’s surfaces are coated by galvanized sheets and stamped with moldings. The village was built at the bottom of a low-rise ravine for protection from the wind. It delimits with the Argentinean border, Rio Grande to the south and Useless Bay in the Strait of Magellan. La Estancia is divided into three sections and has all the necessary livestock facilities to carry out a large-scale exploitation. Shearing sheds, sheep baths, pens, etc.. It also has a cemetery, dining rooms, guest houses and tenant houses which maintain the original style. Today it is the seat of the Municipality of Timaukel, so it has a number of public buildings, among which are the municipality, the police station, school, library and a medical center.
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