All over the province of Tierra del Fuego, which includes Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands, there is a large variety of bird species. Some of the most representative ones are: penguins, albatrosses, petrels, sea gulls, terns, shags, oystercatchers, shorebirds, ducks, pintails, grebes, geese, ibis, vultures, condors, eagles, falcons and a large number of lesser birds, each one in its habitat, making up a list of about 200 species. Among the indigenous land mammals the main ones are the guanaco, the red or Fuegian fox, some rodents such as tucotuco and several species of forest rats and mice. Other mammals that have been introduced into the area and have become wild are the European rabbit, the Canadian beaver, the muskrat, the mink and the armadillo. At the beginning of the XXth century the red deer was introduced in Isla de los Estados and the reindeer in the South Georgia Area. With regards to sea mammals the most common ones are sea lions, several species of seals, dolphins and whales including the orca or killer whale. The coast of the Beagle Channel and Isla de los Estados offer the habitat for the Southern sea otter and the large river otter, both endangered.
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